Personal training helps you to achieve the results you want more rapidly. PT will also keep you motivated; improve your technical skills; introduce new ways of training; teach you new exercises and ensure every workout counts.



Our staff are highly trained and motivated to help you achieve the best results. At the Social Club we use the services of She's a Knockout. Not only are you guaranteed a great personal trainer, you get quality on site personal training.


Members will liaise with the trainers directly to organise a suitable time, and are welcome to use the Social Club facilities for the PT session – just check the current class timetable to make sure the session doesn’t coincide with a class.



Also be aware that the Group Fitness Room is a shared member space and a PT session does not mean you have booked the space exclusively.

She's a Knockout:

Fees are paid directly to She's a Knockout. Simply email Amanda to enquire:

Or check out their website:


Current Rates:

  • 1 client 45 mins - $77
  • 1 client 60 mins - $88
  • 2-3 clients 45 mins - $90 total
  • 2-3 clients 60 mins - $100 total


10% discount for 12 sessions

15% discount for 24 sessions