There are two basic Social Club membership options, Social membership and Health & Fitness membership. You can find out below what each offers, but basically health & fitness includes everything social does, but also includes 24hr gym access and extra discounts to many of the health and fitness classes.


There are also a number of ways you can join up. You can have your membership fees paid via

  • fortnightly direct debit or card payment
  • prepay either 3, 6 or 12 months
  • or if you are a staff member at the Department of Health you can pay through payroll each week.

Please select your preferred payment method.

Social Membership gives members access to:

  • discount movie tickets, adventure world tickets and other event tickets that can be purchased online.
  • free access and/or discounts to club events such as
    • Christmas Party
    • Melbourne Cup Lunch
    • Sundowners
    • Sports days (e.g. Golf, croquet, etc)
  • access to sporting tickets.
  • discounts on onsite classes

Please see terms and conditions.

Please select your preferred payment method.

Health & Fitness Membership includes all the benefits of Social Membership at no extra charge as well as


  • 24 hour gym access (following an appraisal)
  • free access to over 10 circuit classes per week
  • additional discounts to yoga, pilates and other classes
  • discounted personal training 


Health & Fitness members must attend an initial appraisal to determine if there are health issues that should be addressed prior to receiving 24 hour gym access. Appraisals are 45 minutes and can be booked online. Members are not charged for the appraisal, however there is a $20 joining fee which covers a small part of the cost of the initial appraisal. Please note there is a $40 no show fee if appraisals are unattended without notice during office hours 24 hours prior to the appraisal.


Please see terms and conditions.

Want to change your social membership to include gym access or visa versa? Complete the form below and we'll sort it out.

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Please click the button below for information on membership cancellation. Please be aware that we request 14 days notice of cancellation (and this is required under your contract is you are a Debit Success member). We aim to process cancellations as soon as possible however this will depend upon your payment type. 

You are always welcome to rejoin the social club in the future. Please be aware that it may be cheaper in some instances to suspend your membership rather than cancel.

If you are taking long service leave or secondment it may be possible to suspend your social club membership payments. This is possible with direct debits through Debit Success (but not through payroll deductions).


Suspension of membership is allowed from 2 months up to 6 months. The Social Club committee will consider special circumstances on request here. Requests for membership suspension can be submitted below.


Please note that membership payments will resume at the end of the suspension period. Indefinite suspensions are not permitted and should instead be considered membership cancellation.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.