This page is a constant work in progress. It is an attempt to collect the history of the Charlies Social Club and information about the people and the organisation that has brought us to today. If you have any information, stories or photos, please contact us at and keep our history alive. Our history, as you can see is about the people.

The club has had some logo's in it's time. they began to be used in about 2009. The logo were created to improve the brand of the Social club and make the club and services more recognizable.


Early logo included the word "gymnasium" or even "24hr Gymansium", because many staff were unaware that there was a staff gym. For similar reasons clubroom logo were created later.


In 2016 the Club increased it's online presence with this website and social media. Since then there have been further logo and branding developments.

The clubrooms, (referred to as Charlies Bar since 2014), have been an important space for the Social Club. This area has hosted birthdays, retirements, parties, meetings, AGM, Quizzes..... you name it. Staff have gathered here for decades. 


Since early 2015 a significant amount of capital work and members funds have been invested the Clubrooms. This is part of a 5 year project to renew the space to encourage greater utilisation, and provide a better, more usable space for staff and members.

The Social Club gym began in 1988. Since then it has been staff run and membership fees have paid for gradual improvements. These improvement continue today. In 2012 the gym started to undergo a number of significant refurbishments and upgrades. This has been part of a broader 15 year plan to provide members with a commercial quality facility, without increasing prices.


As of 2017 this process is about one third complete. 

Committee members and particularly our office bearers have been the backbone of our organisation since 1975. A big thank you to all our office bearers who have included

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
1975 R. Torkilosen T. Moore M. Walker G. Robertson
1976 J. Webster J. Islip M. Walker G. Robertson
1977 J. Webster J. Islip M. Noone G. Robertson
1978 J. Webster W. O'Brien J. Lynch E. Davis
1979 W. O'Brien H. Fowle J. Mc'Kay R. York
1980 K. Bromley J. Mahoney H. Ross A. Oakden
1981 W. O'Brien R. Stoker S. Pocock R. York
1982 W. O'Brien R. Stoker N. Wolfgram H. Ross
1983 J. Mahoney E. Lawrence R. Graham G. Robertson
1924 J. Mahoney S. Nicholson R. Graham H. Ross
1985 M. Stewart S. Nicholson J. Page G. Robertson
1986 M. D'Adamo D. Schulz J. Hardwick R. York
1987 I. Jack P. Pearson V. Gomm R. York
1988 E. Davis P. Pearson R. Smith R. York
1989 E. Davis R. MacLatchy J. White R. York
1990 E. Davis R. MacLatchy A. McGrath R. York
1991 P. Pearson E. Davis A. McGrath R. York
1992 D. Singh M. Noonan A. McGrath R. York
1993 D. Singh M. Noonan M. Davies R. York
1994 G. Potts M. Noonan M. Davies R. York
1995 B. Evans G. Laney-Hayes M. Davies M. Davies
1996 G. Laney-Hayes G. Potts M. Davies M. Davies
1997 B. Whiley   M. Davies M. Davies
1998 B. Whiley   L. McDonald M. Davies
1999 B. Whiley   L. McDonald M. Davies
2000 B. Whiley   L. McDonald M. Davies
2001 B. Whiley     M. Davies
2002 B. Whiley   T. Jackson M. Davies
2003 B. Whiley   T. Jackson M. Davies
2004 B. Whiley   T. Jackson M. Davies
2005 B. Whiley     M. Davies
2006 B. Whiley   N. Ottaviano M. Davies
2007 B. Whiley   N. Ottaviano M. Davies
2008 L. Earthy   Covered by staff M. Davies
2009 L. Earthy   Covered by staff M. Davies
2010 J. Newberry   Covered by staff M. Davies
2011 E.M. Collins   Covered by staff M. Davies
2012 P.L. Gibbons   Covered by staff C. Metcalfe
2013 P.L. Gibbons   P.L. Gibbons C. Metcalfe
2014 P.L. Gibbons S. Lummis P.L. Gibbons M. McManus
2015 P.L. Gibbons S. Lummis  T. Greig M. McManus
2016 P.L. Gibbons T. Greig R. Nezich T. Greig
2017 P. L. Gibbons   R. Nezich, S. Casley  

Life members are traditionally those individuals who have significantly contributed to the Social Club over a period of at least 5 years, generally through outstanding volunteer efforts, and often on the committee as office bearers. The club life members are listed below.

Year Those Recognised as Life Members
 1976 A. Thomson 
1979 G. Robertson
1980 W. O'Brien, T. Radionow, J. Webster, J. Harvey
1981 R. Stoker, J. Mahoney
1982 R. York
1987 R. Collis
1988 J. Islip, I. Jack
1990 E. Davis
1992 P. Pearson
1993 A. McGrath
2000 W. Hanlon, G. Laney-Hayes, R. Lee Steere, M. Davies
2007 B. Whiley, A. glatz, V. Seymour
2011 M. Wade, M. Gadsby, S. Pocock, P. Moorhouse
2015 P.L. Gibbons, P. Haslehurst

As the Social Club has grown with our site and the demands of members, paid staff have become a necessity at the Social Club. From daily administration of over 1000 members, ordering of stock, organising events, tickets and parties our staff have and will continue to be an essential part of our onsite community and culture. Thank You!

Year Administration Staff Events Coordinator Bar & Event Staff Gym Staff
2007 L. Case, L. Foreman   A. Campbell, A. Grose B. Rowles
2008  L. Foreman    R. Fisher S. Greenan
2009 L. Foreman, Mia Hofer    R. Fisher S. Greenan
2010 T. Binns    R. Fisher S. Greenan
2011 T. Binns    J. Negro S. Greenan
2012 T. Binns    J. Negro, B. Jarman S. Greenan, Sense of Space, Aspects Yoga
2013 K. Leach    H. Dunne, B. Jarman C. Huggins, Sense of Space, Aspects Yoga
2014 K. Leach    K. Leach, H. Dunne, S. Lummis Absolute Balance, She's a Knockout, D. McGay, Sense of Space, Aspects Yoga
2015 K. Leach, N. Read   K. Leach, N. Read, G. Sesnan, V. Del Borello Absolute Balance, She's a Knockout, D. McGay, Sense of Space, Aspects Yoga
2016 A. Mebar, T. Kruck, C. Read, P. Haselhurst   N. Read, G. Sesnan, V. Del Borello, V. Batchelor, R. Sheil, D. Lakhiani Absolute Balance, She's a Knockout, D. McGay, Sense of Space, Aspects Yoga
2017 A. Mebar, N. Read, P. Haselhurst C. Read N. Read, G. Sesnan, V. Batchelor, R. Sheil, D. Robertson, R Read, D. Lakhiani, P. Gosman Absolute Balance, She's a Knockout, D. McGay